Solving Social Challenges through AI & Data Science

The recent surge in AI advancements, particularly propelled by the rise of deep learning, has permeated the business world, thanks to the collaboration between academia and industry. This has led to the ongoing implementation of AI to address various industry-specific challenges. Meanwhile, in recent years, there has been growing attention on broader societal issues that transcend individual industries — such as addressing labor shortages, promoting sustainable consumption and production, and rectifying inequalities. The power of AI is believed to harbor immense potential in addressing these overarching social challenges. pratya is dedicated to supporting your endeavors in tackling various societal issues with the strength of data science and AI, contributing to the realization of a prosperous society.


Ethical AI Consulting

While AI brings significant impact to business improvements, challenges arise around its ethical use. Discriminatory behaviors stemming from biases inherent in training data, and questions about accountability for AI’s decisions are major concerns. At Pratya, we address these complex, often unanswerable issues by grounding our approach in classical philosophical discussions on ethics and contemporary academic definitions. We provide tailored guidance for your business, offering report creation, research, and support in algorithm development, all aimed at crafting the optimal ethical guidelines for AI usage in your operations.


Business Support through Data Analysis & Visualization

Data accumulated daily through business operations often holds insights that can guide business activities. However, to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data, sophisticated analytical techniques based on a deep understanding of data science are essential. At Pratya, our experienced engineers offer business support through data analysis and visualization. Additionally, we train staff for the internalization of analytical tasks, aiming to enhance job satisfaction through the effective utilization of data science in daily operations.


Automation of Forecasting & Matching Tasks

Tasks like forecasting future sales and demand for business decision-making, and determining optimal combinations considering various conditions — such as matching and scheduling — are of high importance and require advanced domain knowledge. In today’s environment of labor shortages, such tasks can lead to extended working hours for staff and, further, to errors like overproduction or oversupply due to judgment mistakes. At Pratya, based on the data accumulated by your company and thorough interviews with on-site staff, we introduce AI that has learned domain-specific knowledge to your operations. Our goal is to address labor shortages and optimize production by automating forecasting and matching tasks.

Founder’s Profile

池田 泰弘
IKEDA Yasuhiro

In 2010, joined NTT Laboratories. Responsible for the development of anomaly detection algorithms utilizing machine learning to ensure the safe operation of networks. This later led to the productization of the “AI Anomaly Precursor Detection Solution – @DeAnoS” by NTT Advanced Technology. Additionally, authored numerous research papers on communication quality for domestic and international academic journals and conferences.

In 2019, joined PKSHA Technology. As an Engineering Manager, was involved in everything from advanced technology research to development for business implementation. Achievements include the development of credit card fraud detection algorithms, audience expansion using deep learning, and the construction of advertising conversion prediction models.

In 2021, founded pratya LLC to accelerate the resolution of social issues through data science.




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